Fund Overview

Three unique hedge funds, one unique investment philosophy

The Peregrine Capital suite of hedge funds offers investors a variety of investment strategies, based on their risk profile. Our investment ideas are uniformly expressed in our funds, in varying proportions, depending on the risk profile of the fund. Because we invest large sums of our personal savings into these funds, our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients. All our hedge funds are FSCA regulated unit trusts.

Three funds that cover the risk spectrum

Fund Detail:

DetailPure Hedge FundDynamic Alpha FundHigh Growth Fund
ObjectiveInvestment stability and downside protection while growing investors’ purchasing powerGenerate strong absolute returns while maintaining capital stabilityDeliver industry leading long-term investment growth for our investors, while assuming moderate levels of risk
Fund inceptionJuly 1998December 2014February 2000
Positive YearsNever had a negative yearNever had a negative year18 out of 20 years
Net Asset AllocationLow EquityMedium EquityHigh Equity
Risk ProfileModerately ConservativeModerateModerately Aggressive
Retail Fund AvailableYesNoYes

Active and disciplined risk management, with a focus on absolute returns