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02 Jul 20

Peregrine gets set to go private

After more than 20 years on the JSE, Peregrine Holdings is likely to be delisted from the exchange by September.

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21 Jun 18

Ringing the Changes

A year after taking over from Jonathan Hertz, CEO Rob Katz has substantially changed the shape of the Peregrine Group. If the competition authorities don't object he will sell the group's 65% interest in Peregrine Securities to a consortium of Securities management and black empowerment companies.

26 Oct 17

Pref Shares are Back, baby!

It's an asset class that's often ignored. But with property stocks under pressure, preference shares are back in vogue. It's no secret that listed property has comfortably outperformed general equities, cash, and bonds over the past 10 years, delivering an impressive average 14% year total return.

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25 May 17

FM Top Analysts Awards

The Financial Mail Top Analyst Awards which took place on 24 May, saw Peregrine Securities walk away with the Top firm for Derivatives Dealing, and Emlyn Flint, of Peregrine Securities, winning Young Analyst of the Year in the Non-equities category.

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