Twenty for Twenty Charity Campaign


Giving back to the communities in which our businesses operate is an integral part of the Peregrine Group philosophy. As such Peregrine Holdings opted lo celebrate its anniversary by running a Group-wide Charity Campaign with a strong emphasis on staff involvement

During the week of 19- 26 August 2018, our offices around the world were involved in a variety of charily projects that aim to uplift those who are less fortunate among us.

We are proud to report that over 8000 lives were touched by this staff-led initiative.



George Office

BINAH Special Needs Awareness 

Binah is a registered Non-Profit Organisation with the mission to raise awareness for children with special needs in the hope that through education, society will understand and accept them.

What is needed?

On 21 August, a number of carers of special needs children and pre-school teachers from four schools in Thembalethu, a Township in George, will be transported to the Legacy Centre in George.  A workshop on emergence fine-motor skills will be presented to the caregivers to empower them to stimulate children from Thembalethu with recyclable materials. Some of the funds will be used by the Legacy Centre to purchase educational material for the carers i.e. handbooks, storybooks, educational toys, stationery, mattresses and therapeutic tools for the therapy rooms. The remainder of the funds will be used to purchase additional educational materials for the four identified schools which will be delivered to the caregivers by Citadel personnel in the George office. 

For more information contact the project champion:
Louwrens Selzer at, 079 242 4782.
Date: 21 August 2018, 10, 11th Avenue, Denneoord in George 

Kloof Office

Fairhaven Primary School

Fairhaven Primary School is a school in Chatsworth, KZN, that is in desparate need of sanitary supplies. The school currently does not have sufficient funds to provide sanitary supplies for its pupils, and many of the parents can not afford to provide these supplies either.

What is needed?

Sanitary supplies, including toilet rolls, hand wash, cleaning equipment, detergents, toilet papper roll holders, and paper towel roll stands. Citadel Kloof Staff will visit the school on Tuesday, 21 August 2018, to hand over the supplies and to assist in the installation of the supplies.

For more information contact the project champion:
Margaret Leveridge at, 031 815 8844.
Date: 21 August 2018, Chatsworth, President Rd, Bayview, Durban, 4092 

Java Capital

The Mother Touch Academy

The Jungle Tots Mother Touch Academy was established in August 2009 with the aim of providing pre-school and educational services to children in the Diepsloot community. The school has over 120 children attending pre-school and is a registered NPO. Many of the children who attend the facility come from child headed homes or homes where parents receive grants that barely cover their living expenses.

What is needed?

The funds will be utilised for the maintenance and replenishment of their vegetable garden, as well as painting the toddlers' room. The remaining funds will be allocated to items on the school’s wish list, such as a hosepipe and gardening tools, fertilizer, large pots (for cooking the childrens' meals) and bookshelves for the classrooms, amongst other items. Java Capital's staff will be working on the vegetable garden as well as painting the toddlers' rooms.

For more information contact the project champion:
Jean Tyndale-Biscoe at, 011 722 3061.
Date: 21 August 2018, Address: Plot no 1, Breezie Brea Village, William Nicol Drive, Diepsloot Ridge

Pretoria Office

Tateni Community Care Services

Tateni Community Care Services is a reputable non-governmental organisation with more than twenty years of experience in providing care and support to orphans and vulnerable children in Mamelodi and its surrounding informal settlements.  The centre is based in Mamelodi East in Ext 18 and currently takes care of 37 children. Children in Sediba Sa Thuto are given a meal for the day, then do homework and get involved in different educational and intellectual games, such as Chess, Scrabble and many more.

What is needed?

Our R20,000 budget will be used for the purchase of mini solar systems for the childrens' homes that don’t have electricity, construction of a wash trough and a tap as well as the purchase of sporting equipment and educational games. The employees from Citadel's Pretoria office will cook a meal and teach the girls how to cook as well as play board games and soccer with the children. The children will also be given blankets, school shoes, socks, shoe brushes and shoe polish to take home.

For more information contact the project champion:
Nishi Karysign at, 084 563 1014.
Date: 22 August 2018, Mamelodi East in Ext 18

Tygervalley Office

SNAP special needs adapted program

SNAP Education is a non-profit organisation featuring a program for children living with autism. They offer a unique, child-specific, one-on-one, integrated program for children with autism and other special needs. Their program recognizes the uniqueness of each child and is geared to addressing the needs of each individual child and their family.

What is needed?

Citadel's Tygervalley staff will be visiting the school, SNAP Education, and handing over stationary supplies, including, printers, paper and cartridges. The staff will be doing an interactive financial, saving education presentation to the children and will also provide them with money boxes to create awareness of saving and money principles. In addition to this, the staff will be packing a snack for the 50 children at the school.

For more information contact the project champion:
Dene Nel at, 082 051 9905.
Date: 22 August 2018, 9 De Dam Street, Vierlanden, Cape Town

Sandton Office

Leratong Joy for One 

Leratong Joy for One is a home for abandoned children in Alexandra Township.

What is needed?

The R20,000 budget will be used to purchase heaters and bedding for the 23 children in the home. Over and above this, the Citadel's Sandton staff, in their personal capacity, will be donating toiletry hampers for the children in the home.

For more information contact the project champion:
Michelle Lottering at, 011 722 7639.
Date: 22 August 2018, Alexander Township- 12th Avenue.

Stenham, LONDON

New Pin Family Centre

New Pin is a community centre which brings people together, provides support for families, and combats loneliness within the elderly community. 

What is needed?

With the R20,000 budget, Stenham's London staff have organsied a day trip to Brighton Sea Side for 35 elderly people from the New Pin Family Centre as well as their carers. This will be the first time that they would have been treated to such a trip. The Stenham London staff will organise a lunch and additional treats to make the day extra special for them all.

For more information contact the project champion:
Lauren Landy & Lauren Harber at and, 0207 079 6600.
Date: 22 August 2018, Boldero Place, Marylebone , London, NW8 8EQ

Stenham, Guernsey

Le Platon Garden

Le Platon is an old age home that caters for the incurably sick and is the oldest residential home on Guernsey Island. 

What is needed?

The home is about to embark on a major redevelopment to increase the number of bedrooms from 25 to 50. Before the building work commences, various jobs need to be completed in the garden. Stenham's Guernsey staff have agreed to carry out the following work, as requested by Le Platon’s Secretary of the Trustees:
1. to demolish the old garden summer house and remove all materials;
2. to cut down a large bamboo plantation, bundle canes and sell them as well as to dispose of green waste; and 
3. to dig up plants from various raised beds and planters and move them to another garden so that they can be replanted when the building work is complete. 

The budget will cover the cost of the removal of the shed and garden waste and the balance will be donated towards the home’s redevelopment fund. 

For more information contact the project champion:
Catherine Griggs & Isabel Guille at and, 01481 743647 & 01481 716387.
Date: 22 August 2018,  Le Platon, Clifton, St. Peter Port, Guernsey

Claremont Office

Rise Against Hunger

Rise Against Hunger is an international hunger relief non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food. Participation is aimed at corporates that want to involve their employees in volunteering opportunities to make a difference.

What is needed?

The R20,000 budget will be used to purchase food items that will be packaged by the Citadel's Claremont Staff. The aim is to pack around 3 240 meals (15 boxes) which will feed up to 15 children 5 meals a week for an entire year. 45 employees will be involved in this project.

For more information contact the project champion:
Tharusha Pillay at, 082 602 7056.
Date: 22 August 2018, RAF Cape Town Office


Afrika Tikkun -  Alexandra Early Childhood Development Centre

Afrika Tikkun (AT), through its Cradle to Career (C2C) 360º Model aims to provide services that meet educational, skills, psychosocial, health, and economic needs of young people from previously disadvantaged communities. AT’s C2C 360º Model operates through early childhood development (ECD), child and youth development (CYD), youth skills development, and placement (YSDP) and social support programmes delivered through locally based community centres. Early Childhood Development is the first and most critical stage in our Cradle to Career 360˚ model. During this stage a solid educational foundation is laid in the lives of young children.

What is needed?

With the R20,000 budget, Peregrine Holding's team will use R5,000 to purchase groceries and prepare a meal for 200 children and teachers at the Centre in Alexandra. The remaining R15,000 will be used to purchase and prepare food parcels for the vulnerable families whose children attend at the Centre. The staff will get a chance to interact with the children in the classroom, by supporting the teachers with the schedule for the day, as well as on the playground.

For more information contact the project champion:
Felicia Mlanjana at, 011 722 7568.
Date: 23 August 2018, Phutaditjaba Community Centre, No. 61, 17th Avenue, Alexandra

Umhlanga Office

Imisebe Yelanga - Ray of Hope Babies Home

Ray of Hope Babies Home provides shelter for abandoned babies in KZN. It is situated in a house in Glenhills, close to the Umhlanga Office. Rachel Uys, her husband Richard, and four caregivers look after up to seven babies at any given time and to date 53 successful adoptions have been facilitated. The walls of the home are full of photographs of the babies and whilst the stories of how they landed up there are heart wrenching, the stories of their survival and adoption are incredibly moving and inspiring.

What is needed?

Our budget will go towards the following:
1. buying groceries for the staff;
2. buying baby related supplies: medication, nappies, various formulas, nappy cream, wet wipes, etc.;
3. buying toilet mat sets;
4. upgrading the staff bathroom; and
5. repairing cupboards, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, where the wood is rotten.
Over and above this, Citadel's Umhlanga staff will  be donating pre-loved clothes and toys to the Home as well as organising a special tea for the staff at Ray of Hope.

For more information contact the project champion:
Laura Marthinusen at, 039 682 5665.
Date: 23 August 2018, 20 Honeysuckle Place Glen Hills Durban, 4320 

Port Elizabeth Office

Gqebera Youth Empowerment Project

The Gqebera YEP’s aim is “to link the Youth of the community (Walmer Township / Gqebera) with jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities through partnering with  companies that have a youth empowerment focus.

What is needed?

A facility that can be used as the Project's community office. With the R20,000 budget, Citadel's staff in the PE office will look to purchace a shipping container that can be refurbished and used as the office space needed. The staff will also provide office furniture and stationery, set up the container, as well as take cupcakes for sharing with the project's team when cutting the ribbon and handing over the container to Gqebera YEP.

For more information contact the project champion:
Vanessa Berry at, 031 815 8859.
Date: 24 August 2018, Walmer Township

Bloemfontein Office

Citadel's Bloemfontein office opted to support four charities with their budget.  

Bloem Shelter is a registered NPO providing shelter for the homeless, catering for women, children, the elderly, men and frail persons.
The CANSA Olea Care Home ensures a warm and welcomed stay for patients  with Cancer.
DR CF Visser Primary is a school in desparate need of basic school items. The parents cannot afford to pay for school fees or do fundraising to purchase items for the school.
Towers of Hope is a hope and leadership foundation run by a church which also runs a feeding scheme as well as counseling service.

What is needed?

Our budget will go towards providing the following items for these four charities:
Bloem Shleter - Provide the shelter with food, clothes, medication, blankets and spend some time with the frail care residents.
CANSA OLEA - Purchase groceries for the project and spend time with the patients.
CF Visser Primary School - Provide items such as story books, puzzles, crayons, tables and chairs.
Towers of Hope - Purchase blankets and donate food items to the kitchen.

For more information contact the project champion:
Viona Pretorius at , 084 728 8807.
Date: 24 August 2018,  Bloem Shelter - 4 Andries Pretorius Street, Hilton Bloemfontein. Cansa Olea Care Home - 90 Melville Drive, Brandwag, Bloemfontein. DR CF Visser School - Tibbie Visser Avenue, Bloemfontein. Towers of Hope - 37 Henry Street, Bloemfontein.

Port Shepstone Office

EL ROI Baby Home

El Roi is a place where abandoned babies can be received and cared for.

What is needed?

Our budget will go towards providing the following items for the home:
1. fine motor tubs for the play area;
2. black chalk boards that can be mounted on the wall;
3. blankets for the childrens' beds;
4. burglar bars for childrens' room windows;
5. large clear storage tubs for shoes, clothes, toys etc.; and
6. shelves for the storage of the childrens' items in the garage.

For more information contact the project champion:
Leona Harichand at, 039 682 5665.
Date: 24 August 2018,  Port Shepstone

PEREGRINE Securities

Randburg Clinic School (Autistic Spectrum)

The Randburg Clinic School runs an Autism centre where they teach children skills that enable them to communicate, become more independent and cope better in society.

What is needed?

Our budget will be going towards the construction of a customised jungle gym / play area for the children with special needs. In addidtion to this, Peregrine Securities' staff, in their personal capacity, will be donating art packs to the 114 children at the Autism centre.

For more information contact the project champion:
Charlene Fortune at, 011 722 7510.
Date: 24 August 2018, Address: 51 Milner Rd, Kensington B, Randburg, 2194

PEREGRINE Securities
Cape Town

Lucy G Craft Café

Lucy G Foundation trains and helps the disabled to find employment.

What is needed?

For our project we are going to work with the students at the Lucy G Craft Café in Kirstenhof where we will plant vegetables, paint their boundary wall and make some crafts that they can sell. The remainder of our budget will be used by the Foundation to buy craft materials as well as pay for an outing for their special needs young adults which will happen during Heritage week in September. 

For more information contact the project champion:
Florence Chikurunhe at, 011 722 7551.
Date: 25 August 2018,  Lucy G Craft Café, 29 Silverwater Street, Kirstenhof, Cape Town


Nomalanga Day Care Centre in Soweto

Nomalanga (“Noma”) Mokoena started the Nomalanga Day Care Centre in 1999, from her home in Motsoaledi, Soweto. Today, Noma, together with a few teachers, care for over 90 children, aged between 3 months and 6 years. The day care centre consists of three shipping containers on a 250 square foot piece of barren land. The shipping containers provide space for a kitchen  and two classrooms. Noma provides the children in the community with pre-school education, trying her best to prepare the children for Grade 1. She receives a small fee (under R200), if any, from each parent monthly. These funds are used to buy food for the two meals she provides each day, basic material for education and a salary for the teachers. The centre receives no support from the government and relies on the generosity of strangers to support the 90+ children that Noma and her team look after.

What is needed?

Solar panels to heat and cool the three shipping containers used as the kitchen and classrooms or mattresses for children to nap on, tables and chairs for the children to use, groceries as well as a laptop for Noma, to help her with the management of the centre and lesson preparation for the children. A team from Peregrine Capital will be visiting the centre on Sunday, 26th August 2018 to deliver and install the goods.

For more information contact the project champion:
Justin Cousins and Tania Formilan at, 083 573 6708 and, 083 579 8594.
Date: 26 August, Motsoaledi, Soweto