Peregrine Guernsey


Peregrine Guernsey Limited is the manager of the Citadel Group's Guernsey domiciled collective investment schemes (funds). The funds managed by Peregrine Guernsey Limited comprise of one open-ended investment company ("OEIC") and two protected cell companies ("PCC's") as authorised by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and registered as Class B Schemes.

The funds are a combination of multi-manager funds and direct securities funds through which investors gain access to global assets. 

To access the Fund Factsheets / Minimum Disclosure Documents, Quarterly Reports and Scheme Documents click here.

The following funds have been approved by the Financial Services Board in South Africa:

•  Peregrine Global Greats Fund with seven share classes;
•  Peregrine Global Real Estate Fund with two share classes;
•  Peregrine Enhanced USD Cash Fund;
•  Peregrine US Bond Fund with two share classes;
•  Peregrine US Protected Equity Fund with four share classes;
•  Peregrine Global Multistrategy Equity Fund with two share classes; and
•  Peregrine Global Balanced Fund with four share classes.

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Peregrine Guernsey Limited (registration number 36784) is licensed with the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.