Natural Selection

Hedge Fund Seeding

Natural Selection is a Peregrine project that seeks to invest in smaller hedge funds with the potential for growth.

The Fund has two related aims

  • To achieve above-average returns on its investments by identifying fledgling funds with a genuine competitive edge;
  • To assist younger funds with promise to extend their track record and increase their professional profile in order to reach a wider investment audience.

The Fund is not an Incubator: it requires candidate funds to have a track record of actual money management. However this need not be especially long.

The Fund's minimum criterion for acceptance is simply that an objective case can be made for investment in the candidate fund, but part of that case, however, must include an actual track record.

To assist the candidate fund in realising its aspirations, the Fund is able to access a variety of resources within the Peregrine Group. These include the various human and technological resources of the Group's specialist hedge fund Prime Broker, Peregrine Prime, as well as specialist fund administration, capital introduction opportunities, and the like.

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