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Citadel Fiduciary is a hands-on organisation staffed by expert fiduciary specialists who work on practical and smart strategies around investment and the preservation of inter-generational wealth.

The team of fiduciary specialists work across services including wills and trusts of any form. The team spans jurisdictions – both South African and international – ensuring that all legal and tax requirements are complied with. At the centre of the Citadel Fiduciary mandate is the crafting of client-centric solutions that are sustainable and relevant for each client and their family unit.

Getting this right requires a close working relationship with each client; so the starting point for any discussion at Citadel Fiduciary begins with an in-depth lifestyle conversation covering family obligations, unique life circumstances, a detailed picture of assets, and insights into the individual’s views and feelings about wealth. Each of these sensitive conversations are kept completely confidential but are used to craft specific and detailed fiduciary plans.

For further information please contact Hilary Dudley at
Citadel Fiduciary Proprietary Limited: Registration number: 1917/001511/07


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