Cannon Asset Managers

Boutique asset

Cannon Asset Managers is a boutique South African asset manager that specializes in building bespoke segregated investment portfolios for private clients and institutional investors, as well as a range of funds for retail investors.

Since our formation in the mid 1990s, we have successfully applied the philosophy and principles of pure value investing, an investment management approach that has consistently demonstrated superior long term performance which over time places us in the top quartile of our peers.

Our investment services cover both domestic and global strategies and include equity only, high yield and multi asset balanced strategies.

At the heart of our success is a commitment to a set of core principles:

•  An unwavering, clearly articulated investment philosophy founded on academic rigor, empirical evidence and 20 years of investment experience

•  Adherence to a disciplined investment process to implement
   the philosophy

•  High conviction portfolios

•  Superior client service

For further information please contact us via, +27 11 722 7580 or visit our website.


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We believe that low price-earnings, low price-books and high dividend yields are among the three most critical contributors to long term investment outperformance.

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Making Cents, The Cannon Contrarian and Crazy Mr Market are some of the research notes that we distribute.

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Cannon Asset Managers frequently provides press comment and is published in peer-reviewed journals and newspapers.

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