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This article was published in MoneyMarketing (Volume 2018 Number 7, July 2018, p. 21 – 21)

Generating strong absolute hedge fund returns while maintaining capital stability

Peregrine Capital
Peregrine Capital is the oldest and one of the largest hedge funds in South Africa. Since inception in July 1998, Peregrine Capital has consistently delivered exceptional results across its suite of funds. The funds managed by Peregrine Capital are underpinned by a common investment philosophy and style. The portfolio managers are significant co-investors in the funds. We believe in partnering with our clients for the long term to enable the best possible hedge fund returns.

Investment team
The investment team is made up of investment professionals with complementary knowledge and market skills, but similar investment DNA. The team includes four highly qualified, experienced hedge fund portfolio managers, as well as four equity analysts. Active information sharing and cross-pollination of ideas, combined with a hands-on approach, results in a strong, well-balanced and stable team.

Investment strategy
The objective of Peregrine Capital is to generate strong absolute returns while maintaining capital stability in the funds.

Dedicated to only managing hedge funds, the heart of our equity investment process is sound bottom-up fundamental company research, performed by experienced investment professionals. This is augmented by our long-term corporate relationships.

We aim to generate outperformance from an array of opportunities rather than a handful of big successes, leading to consistent results over time. We do, however, make significant investments in thoroughly-researched, high-conviction positions.

In the complex landscape of investing, whether in bull or bear markets, the Peregrine Capital funds have provided investors with the means to reduce portfolio risk, increase returns and diversify their investments.

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